Gr. 6 CAMP

On Monday the 15th April 2019 the Gr. 6 learners were super excited while waiting at school for the busses to arrive. Everybody was packed and ready to go!

While they were on their way to Wemmershoek the learners were singing and having fun on the bus. When they arrived at the campsite (Wawiel).

There were many activities and fun games. There was scorpion🦂 hunting and building structures and many more. All the learners had so much fun. They made pizzas on the fire and “braaied” marshmallows. They had cabins with triple bunk beds! One of the funniest things of all were the uninvited visitors that were baboons🐒.

They just want to thank our teachers, principle and the staff of our campsite for the wonderful camp and the new knowledge they gained!

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