2018 Was a good year but 2019 is already better! Mrs. Maryna van Zyl chose her new library monitors and we are ready to have a wonderful 2019! The monitors are: Marius Visagie, Michael Smuts, Cole Peacock, Moied Baleg, Ethan Muller, Darren van Staden, Tiaan Keuler, Tommy Muller, Piere du Plessis, Franco- van der Westhuizen, Marlu Odendaal, Michael Neetling, Cara van- Rensburg, Isobel steyn, Alice Kotzé, Janke Beetge, Cara – Treurnich, Caitlyn van Ballengooyen, Mckeila Janse van Vuuren, Mika Lily, Lene vd Poel, Lara Luttig, Elizabeth Cillié, Rozzane Mak, Leah Minnie, Chané Olivier, Lamia Adams, Megan Lubbe, Mikaela vd Poel and Hayley van Dijk.

She asked them many questions but the only one that really mattered was what they think that she sees in a library monitor. She wants friendly, eager to help, monitors who service all the learners.

Our school is very serious about celebrating the love and respect of books. We celebrate different book and library days such as World read Aloud day, World Book Day, Copyright day, Dr. Seuss’ Birthday etc. We also have our very own original celebrations such as Coffee and Book Day and book sales. We have a charity “Blue Bus Organisation” which we collect books for. Our goal is to grant access to all our users to a quality and credible Information Center that supports our curriculum.