Eversdal Primary School has part of a newfound project, the Ecobrick project, to help sustain and assist schools and other areas that are in need.

An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle that is filled with most types of plastic, such as plastic bags, chips packets, chocolate wrappers, or any type of food wrappers, except raw food packaging. The plastic is then compacted until the bottle is solid. Other packaging can also work, like Ziplock bags, bags that contain newspapers or magazines etc.

After being filled and compacted, the Ecobricks are used to construct schools in poverty areas, as well as small structures that normally use bricks, but are replaced with Ecobricks. Ecobricks also help the environment, since plastic is used for them, which means there is less plastic litter lying around.

The bottles are used exactly like normal bricks, with concrete, to create walls and buildings. These bricks are a crucial innovation, because they last quite long and are not extremely expensive to make. You might as well go to the beach and pick up all the plastic, use it for the Ecobrick and pick up any other litter to throw away or even recycle.

All of the classes of Eversdal are a part of this project, and each class of learners can bring plastic bottles and plastic rubbish to use for Ecobricks. Also, on the topic of recycling, don’t forget that our school also recycles cardboard, so bring that along too!