Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls the Evervaria has come and gone. All the contestants performed wonderfully on Wednesday evening giving us their best and showing us that Eversdal has talented students within our school. Adri van Wyk, Zanne Stapelberg and Antoinette de Villiers were the three guest judges who helped decide who the winners were.

The contestants and winners for Gr. 1-4 were as follows:

  • Music:

Out of Emma Kriek, Wian Conradie, Janco Beukes and Xander de Jager the winner was… Janco Beukes and his excellent drum playing.

  • Dance:

Out of Nina and Mieke Kotze, Liza Mostert and Jani Peens and Mila Muller, Zanay Gerber and Stella Zwiegers             the winner was… Nina and Mieke Kotze and their elegant dancing.

  • Open:

Out of Janco Beukes, Jessika Woolf, Sophia Rademeyer and Elle Hechter, Alexa Hortnagl and Lilah Barnes the winner was…  Alexa Hortnagl and Lilah Barnes and their fantastic gymnastic, hip-hop mix.

Now we get to the Gr. 5-7 contestants and winners:

  • Instrumental:

Out of Juan Joubert, Luan Strydom, Karli Kennard, Danielle Rabie the winner was… Karli Kennard and her  enthusiastic piano playing.

  • Dance:

Out of Zandri van der Nest and Ameli Raats, Marne van der Merwe, Jessica Grober and Kaitlin Ooosthuizen and Lianel Lotriet the winner was… Jessica Grober and Kaitlin Ooosthuizen and Lianel Lotriet and their funky dance.

  • Singing:

Out of Hillary Visagie, Esther Smit and Schuyler Liebenberg, Liesl Kruger the winner was… Esther Smit and Schuyler Liebenberg and their harmonious singing.

  • Open:

Out of Kirsten Swart, Douw Odendaal and Carla Luff, Magda-Mari Weyers the winner was… Kirsten Swart and her amazing and incredible ventriloquism.

While the judges decided on the winners we were entertained by former Evers as well as two of our teachers: Arno Pienaar and Aneske Jacobs. Another Evervaria has passed and now the contestants can all look back at this day and remember how much work they put in to perform on stage.